Was Jesus God?

Ad for Wychwood Circle Dec 7th 2014On December 7th, Wychwood Circle will debate “The Meaning of Jesus – Two Visions”, by Marcus Borg and N T Wright (1999).  The discussion begins at 7pm at Wychwood Library in the High Street, Milton under Wychwood, ending not later than 9pm. The book is available in different editions, including second-hand.  It came out as a HarperCollins paperback in 2007.

“The Meaning of Jesus” offers two contrasting visions by two scholars with very different outlooks (‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’) and both widely admired. The focus will be on Part 1 (How do we know about Jesus?) and Part 5 (Was Jesus God?), each of which is made up of two chapters, one from each point of view.  For some background see www.wychwoodcircle.blogspot.com, and a review which includes a summary is available here.