Changes to X10 bus service during road closure

Pulhams Coaches have been liaising with OCC as to how best to operate the X10 bus while the Milton Road from Monday 23rd February for five days. The road closure cuts the route in two and the length of the diversion means that it would not be possible to run anything like the normal timetable. The approved solution is therefore that a less frequent service will be in operation by running to Milton and Ascott on alternate journeys.  This way everywhere along the normal route, except the closed section through to Frog Lane, will at least have a bus service each day even if it is less frequent than normal.

The bus to/from Ascott will serve Shipton High Street (A361) stops; the Milton buses will serve the Quart Pot and The Sands.  Buses between Fulbrook and Burford are unaffected but from Fulbrook in the other direction buses will be serving either Milton or Ascott on alternate journeys.

The timetables will be available from the driver from Friday 23rd January or can be downloaded here – Pulham Coaches_ X10 Service ROAD CLOSURE Feb 2015 – or from the Pulhams website, which will also be a useful place to look for any updates or last minute changes in relation to this particular scheme and also more generally to find out what is happening in bad weather.