Working Party in the Wild Garden

All are invited to join the Working Party in the Wild Garden on Saturday 21st February, supported by the Shipton Volunteers. Work will begin at around 9am but you can join when you can, and stay as long as you are able.

A coffee/tea break is planned for around 10.15am and the aim is to finish around Noon.

Children are most welcome so long as they are accompanied by an adult. There will be jobs for all ages, talents, and strengths, so make it a family occasion.

Jobs include:

  • Cleaning up the Avenue. Picking up fallen branches and raking the main avenue clear of debris. This needs rakes. We will have a trailer and bags to take away the rubbish.
  • Resurfacing paths with wood chips, this needs barrows, shovels and rakes. The two main areas are the path along the lower canal and the path around the field boundary to the east.  If we have enough manpower and time, the path to the east of the upper pond.
  • Cutting back growth from paths. This involves walking the paths and cutting back anything that gets in the way! Loppers and cutters needed.
  • Cutting back ivy from the main trees. Pick an area and cut out a section of ivy to stop further growth. Loppers and secateurs needed.

In all cases make sure you bring strong gloves!