“Vote for your neighbour”?

ad for Wychwood Circle May 3rd 2015 - neighbour and politics
​​“If you care about your neighbour, you care about politics”​ ​
In the month of the General Election and with the attention which the churches have attracted in the political debate this year our choice of topic at Wychwood Circle for this month is an easy one. Under the heading “Vote for your neighbour”?​ and guided by publications such as ​the controversial ‘Bishops’ Letter​ to the People and Parishes …’ “Who Is My Neighbour?​”​ or ​Archbishop ​John Sentamu’s compilation of essays On Rock or Sand​ (2015), we will discuss any issues which come up – including the place of religion in politics. A list of ​downloadable ​reading suggestions can be found on http://www.wychwoodcircle.org.

​​All welcome on May 3rd at 7.00 pm in Wychwood Library.