“The Divided Brain”

2015-06-15 09_02_03-ad for Wychwood Circle July 5th 2015 - divided brain.pdf - Adobe Reader

On July 5th Wychwood Circle will tackle a daunting topic, that of our own brains.  Under the heading ‘The Divided Brain’ we hope to have a discussion stimulated by psychiatrist and former fellow in literature at All Souls, Oxford Ian McGilchrist’s thesis concerning the two very different hemispheres of our brains. 

This is how a reviewer described it: ‘McGilchrist’s suggestion is that the encouragement of precise, categorical thinking at the expense of background vision and experience – an encouragement which, from Plato’s time on, has flourished to such impressive effect in European thought – has now reached a point where it is seriously distorting both our lives and our thought.

The book in questions is a large volume, often quite technical, entitled “The Master and His Emissary: the making of the Western world” (Yale, 2009), but fortunately it can also be approached indirectly by several routes, including an online TED talk.  See our website, www.wychwoodcircle.org.

Wychwood Library, 7pm to 9pm (latest).  Anyone welcome.  Some preparation advisable!