North Leigh Roman Villa Walk & Talk

On 16th September 2015 from 2-4pm, walk with social historian Cherry Hubbard around this Romano British Villa. Hear the stories of the luxuries of Roman life as they took their pleasure in the mosaic floored bath house or lounged in their fragrant courtyard garden, fine dining in sumptuous clothes.

‘The Romano British period in this country is fascinating. International trade with skills and ideas that do not reappear until modern times, making life in villas like this luxurious for the owners but hard work for many. By using both the familiar and the exotic, I weave in the Roman ideas of family, food, beauty, art and religion. I use things people can touch, smell and see to give a fascinating, multi-sensory experience.’

Dogs on leads are welcome. Parking is available in lay-by, not in access lane.SAT NAV: Latitude: 51.834645 Longitude: -1.424707. (2 miles north of North Leigh; 10 miles west of Oxford, off A4095)

Tickets £5 – Book online