Wuthering Heights

The Wychwood Players are pleased to bring a real ‘drama’ to the stage at the end of April with their performance of  Wuthering Heights.
Wuthering HeightsWritten by Charles Vance especially for the stage, this has been widely acclaimed as one of the best and most cleverly written adaptations of Emily Bronte’s classic masterpiece.

The talented and very enthusiastic cast members of the Wychwood Players have embraced the power, pain and tormented passion that this play needs to guide the audience through the thirty years of Heathcliff’s and Cathy’s heart breaking relationship. The set has been created by a new team, helping to create the director’s vision of the two houses being as entwined as the characters.

The play is on April 28/29/30th at 7.30pm at The New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton under Wychwood.

Box office opens on April 11th. Tickets £8.50.

Box office please call..07817426305 or email. wychwoodplayersboxoffice@yahoo.co.uk