Can there be a theology of wealth creation?

Wychwood Circle are delighted to announce the forthcoming visit to the Wychwoods ​of Canon Angela Tilby​ and her very topical choice of title: Can there be a theology of wealth creation?

Angela ​Tilby ​is well known as a broadcaster (Radio 4’s Thought for the Day​) a​nd as a writer, as well as a ​regular preacher at Christ Church ​Cathedral ​and in Cambridge before that. ​Those who know her or her voice know she is sincere​ and thought-provoking​ rather than pious, relevant without being trendy, and both balanced and well informed in her concerns for our contemporary world.​ She is also the author of a book which is partly about ‘the new cosmology’, which will be relevant to the July 3rd discussion at Wychwood Circle​ ​on that topic. ​

We welcome her on Sunday May 15th at the Village Hall at 7pm​.

Angela Tilby at Wychwood CircleFor more information on forthcoming events please visit: