Residents urged to sweep chimneys (From Oxford Mail)

A FIREFIGHTER has urged residents to sweep their chimneys ahead of cold winter nights, after crews hosed down a smouldering stack.

A chimney caught fire in Milton-under-Wychwood near Chipping Norton at 11pm last night, but was put out after a crew clambered up ladders to dampen down the flames.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service praised the occupier for calling immediately but warned that it could have been more serious.

Watch manager Simon Piper said: “We recommend regular sweeping of chimneys to minimise the chances of a fire occurring.  “Now is the perfect time to arrange to sweep your chimney so you are  ready for the onset of the colder weather.”

Source: Residents urged to sweep chimneys after crew hoses down smouldering fire in Milton-under-Wychwood (From Oxford Mail)