Agenda for the October meeting of the Parish Council

Meeting date: Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall


1. Apologies for absence

2. Declaration of Interests

3. Minutes

4. Matters arising

5. Public session for items related to this Agenda

6. To receive the following reports:

6.1 Chairman’s Report (CT)

6.2 District Councillor Report (JH)

7. Consideration of tree pruning (CT):

7.1 Village Green/MSA car park lime

7.2 English yew in Churchyard

8. Review of charge for commercial use of tennis court

9. Update on Littlestock Brook Woody Dams discussions with stakeholders and required commitments (JP/CT)

10. Discussion of difference in Parish Council/Welfare Trust allotment rent (PR)

11. Planning
Please refer to for further details of the following applications.
To consider the following planning applications

11.1 16/03551/HHD 18, The Sands, Erection of single/double storey rear extension and garage to the side

11.2 16/02851/OUT Milton Rd, Erection of 44 dwellings and a school car park

11.3 16.03306/HHD 36 Elm Grove, Erection of outbuilding in rear garden

12. Village Green

13. Correspondence

14. Donations under sec 137

14.1 To consider donation to the British Legion Poppy wreath in accordance with budget

14.2 To consider a donation to the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind in accordance with budget.

15. Accounts

15.1 To approve the payments out and to sign cheques

15.2 To sign Sept-Oct bank statements

16. Presentation of accounts vs. budget for second quarter

17. Recommendations of the PC Finance Committee (JP/CT)

17.1 To consider Councillors expenses claims

17.2 To review the farmland rental from September 2018

18. Public session for non-Agenda items

19. AOB