New website editor needed

After running this website for the last three years, the time has come to step down from this role at the end of May, due to the fact that I will shortly be moving out of the village. As such, in order for the site to continue, a new editor is needed to take over, and so this my request for anyone who may be interested to get in touch.

Since relaunching the website in April 2014, there have been over 100,000 page views from nearly 23,500 visitors with 254 (at the time of writing) posts and 96 people signed up to follow the site. These numbers suggest that the village finds having a website a useful resource, and hopefully the posts have helped promote local events and activities, as well as share local news.

Currently the website also provides access to the Parish Council’s meeting minutes, though this will switch to a dedicated Parish Council website imminently.

Maintaining the website requires little technical skill, it is hosted through the WordPress platform, but using the site which is a much more simple option to run. The main requirement is to be able to dedicate a little time on a regular basis to add new posts, which is seldom more than an hour a week. Of course, the site could be developed to add new features and include new content and be taken in whichever direction the editor wished to develop it. Transfer of the site would mean the new editor owns the site and domain name, and therefore has full control over the content.

With this, however, there is a financial cost. The domain name registration fee is £15 per year, and the WordPress plan is £85 per year. This cost was covered by the Parish Council during the last year in return for hosting their minutes, though there is no indication that this will continue once their own website goes live. Alternatively, the cost could be recouped by charging to advertise on the site, or to be included in the business listings.

For any more information, please email me at My only requirement regarding the transfer, is that it is to someone living in Milton-under-Wychwood.

Otherwise, thank you for all those who have contributed to the site over the last three years, and I very much hope that it can continue to serve the community for many years to come.

Tim Jones

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