Thanks Tim

After over three years of work initially setting up the Village Website and creating its appearance, Tim has stepped down as the Editor. Many followers regularly view the site and it has a good following within the Village. The Parish Council was concerned that the Village website should not be lost so we suggested to Tim that, at least, we would pay for the site upkeep to keep it alive. Tim is happy with this agreement and so the site is now safe.

What of the future? The plan at the moment is that two or three new editors will take over and maintain various site pages. This will share the workload around and give different perspectives on Village life. This will take a little while to set up so you may not notice a lot going on with the site but we will be working away in the background. Once we are all clear about our respective roles, and have mastered the art of publishing web pages, the site will start to do again what it used to do – inform its followers about Village life here in Milton.

Tim did the difficult part in started this ball rolling, we are now going to keep it rolling. Thanks Tim for your hard work, we hope we can continue to do it justice.

cstbrookfield (aka Chris Trotman)