Planning Application for 62 houses now in

62 Houses Planning Application

Mactaggart and Mickel have now lodged their detail planning application with WODC. There are 44 separate documents so that’s too many to list here. To view then first copy the application number 17/02749/RES then go to WODC’s Planning page HERE and paste the application number in the bottom panel “Enter keyword, reference number. etc. etc then click SEARCH.

This will bring up the application where all the relevant “documents” can be found.

If you wish to make a comment there are two way this can be done:

First, the best way, let WODC Planning Department know your views. This can be done via the “Comments” tab on the application page.

Second let the Parish Council know your views as well. This can be done by the clicking the link HERE In the subject line please put “62 house application”.

For both responses please be brief and succinct. Bullet points are easier to read than long paragraphs. Please remember the Outline Application has been approved so it will happen. This is more about how and what will happen.

The Parish Council is next meeting on the 20th and this application will be on the agenda. The closing date for any responses to WODC is the 29th September.