Parish Council Meeting

Milton-under-Wychwood Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 20th September 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall


1.  Apologies for absence
2.  Declaration of Interests
3.  Proposal to approve minutes of the July meeting
4.  Matters arising from the July meeting
5.  Public session for items related to this Agenda
6.  To receive the following reports:
    6.1. Chairman’s Report (CT)
    6.2. District Councillor Report (JH)
    6.3. County Councillor Report (LL)
7.  Parish Council website (CT/PY)
8.  Proposal to consider the TOE2 funding for public footpath improvement and provision around the Parish (JP)
9.   Church wall: Proposal to review the tender for work (CT)
10. Parish Field rent review 2018-19 (CT)
11. Emergency Plan update (JP)
    11.1 Proposal to create a vulnerable persons database.
12. Proposal to act on problematic overhanging shrubbery
13. Proposal to purchase cherry tree(s) for Village Green (CT)
14. Proposal to consider dual authority banking for the PC (JP/CT)
15. Bus service update (PW)
16. Neighbourhood Plan (JP/PY)
    16.1 To approve draft risk assessment for NP volunteers and associated expenditure
    16.2 To give details of current progress
17. To report on the outcome of the External audit 2016-17
18. Planning (PY/PW)
Please refer to for further details of the following applications.
To consider the following planning applications:
    18.1 17/02268/POB 6 Harman’s Court, Approval to allow the over 55s age restriction to be removed, Exp: 26th July (RETROSPECTIVE)
    18.2 17/02440/HHD 2 Peartree Close, Single storey rear and two storey side extension, Exp: 4th Sept (RETROSPECTIVE)
    18.3 17/02654, The Cottage, The Square, Two storey rear extension, Exp: 12th Sept RETROSPECTIVE
    18.4 17/02943/HHD 7 Poplar Farm Close, Insertion of rear dormer window Exp: 4th Oct
    18.5 17/02749/RES Land South of High Street, up to 62 houses,    Exp: 29th Sept
19. Correspondence
20. Village Green
21. Discretionary donations

21.1 To approve a donation towards the Wild Gardens
     21.2 To approve 2 years funding towards Wychwood Library staffing
22. Proposal to approve Clerk contributory pension
23. Accounts
    23.1 To approve the August/September expenditure and to sign cheques
    23.2 To sign July/August bank statements
24. Public session for non-Agenda items
25. AOB.