A Visit to the Wychwood Wild Garden

For those who have not yet discovered The Wild Garden then it is worth while making a visit!

Just next to Shipton Cricket Club opposite Shipton Court there are some gates. Behind these gates is the Wild Garden. They are open to all so take a peek.

If you need to park up then just round the corner, along from Tall Trees Nursing Home up the muddy track called ‘Dog Kennel Lane’, you’ll find the ‘back gate’ which leads straight to the top Fish Pond.

Entering the Wild Garden through the wrought iron gates at the front, restored in 2010, you see the Lime Avenue stretching ahead of you. A hundred Limes, some over 250 years old, grace the entrance to a magical place. At the end of the avenue is the Round Pond – actually elliptical, you have to stand on the bridge to see it Round!

A view of the magnificent Cedar of Lebanon, possibly over 300 years old takes your breath away. Above the Round Pond is what was originally the fish pond for Shipton Court, now home to ducks and moorhens and shrouded by willows.

Turning down stream are the canals, leading over three waterfalls and eventually flowing on down to the Evenlode.

Woodland areas are left relatively untouched to allow nature to manage the environment.

The Wild Garden provides something for everyone.

All this owned by the local community, supported by volunteers and open all the year around – please respect it and help us keep this as a legacy for future generations.

If you would like to Support the Wild Garden, and find out more, please go to the link HERE and go to the ‘Support Us’ tag.

Please click HERE for the notice about their AGM and Annual Reports

Thank you.