Airspace above your Head!

With London Oxford Airport (LOA), the one at Kidlington, becoming more popular and Brize Norton Airport (BZN) wanting increased safety margins between their planes there is becoming a battle for airspace above our heads.

Fortunately this shouldn’t affect us here in Milton too much although BZN are consulting on extending their controlled airspace around the airfield. The northern perimeter of this is just about overhead but the flight path is well within this airspace. Also the flight corridor is between 2300 – 6000ft up so no hedge hopping for regular flights – generally speaking!

LOA is also consulting on their landing and takeoff flight paths but they are mainly over to the south and east of LOA and their northern flight path is over Warwickshire.

If you would like to know more, there are respective Consultation Documents for each airport.

Click HERE for LOA

Click HERE for BZN

I would suggest that unless you are really into No Fly Zones etc. you flip through the websites and just view the diagrams and maps on each!