Parish Council Meeting 21st March

As there is to be a Q&A session with the developers, we have taken the step to publish the full agenda for the evening. The development has been approved so this will not change but if there are aspects you would like to know more about then please come along and ask.                                                                               Chris Trotman, Parish Council Chairman

Milton-under-Wychwood Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 7pm* in the Village Hall
*Please note earlier start time


Public Question time: Mactaggart & Mickel (developers at site South of High Street) to attend to answer matters relating to the building work due to begin shortly

Short recess prior to usual Agenda items.

1. Apologies for absence
2. Declaration of Interests
3. Proposal to co-opt Colin Saxby as a Parish Councillor (PW)
4. Proposal to approve minutes of the February meeting
5. Matters arising from the February meeting
6. Public session for items related to this Agenda
7. To receive the following reports:
7.1 Chairman’s Report (CT)
7.2 County Councillor Report (LL)
8. Neighbourhood Plan update (JP/PY)
9. Approval for payment for unbudgeted additional consultation survey design
10. Proposal to dress the cemetery driveway with gravel (JP)
11. To approve the PC Financial regulations (JP/CT)
12. To consider the village pavement weed spray quotes (CT)
13. To approve a salary increase for Lengthperson (CT)
14. To approve payment to the Diocesan-approved structural engineers and architects for the assessment of the Church wall (CT)
15. Planning (PY/PW)
To consider the following planning applications:
15.1 18/00705/HHD: Single storey front extension, Whitlands, Green Lane, Respond by 27th March 2018
16. Correspondence
17. Village Green
18. Accounts
18.1 To approve the February receipts, February bank reconciliation, March payments and to sign cheques
18.2 To sign February bank statements (CT)
18.3 Forecast of variances from budget 2017/18
19. Public session for non-Agenda items
20. AOB.