62 House Development, High Street, Milton – Update

62 House Development – High Street, Milton.

Response to concerns raised by Parishioners

When Mactaggart & Mickel, the developers, attended the last Parish Council meeting concerns were raised:

1 – about the balancing basin and its affects on the surrounding community;
2 – about missing plan ASP4, the planting around the outside of the development;
3 – heavy vehicle movements to and from the site.

These were recorded by M&M and their responses are listed below.

1 – Balancing Basin

(extracts from email to PC Chairman Chris Trotman)

“With regard to drainage the proposed drainage strategy will improve the situation for the gardens which back onto the proposed development, as the current overland flows towards them will be intercepted by our surface water drainage network.

We are controlling the overland flow from the development under extreme storm events and directing surface water to the attenuation basin, where it will infiltrate to ground.  We have also adopted local soakaways within private gardens where ground conditions allow (i.e. the full development does not discharge into the basin).

Generally, the basin will be dry and only utilised in storm events. The basin acts as a holding area for water under storm events only.  Although the basin is designed to infiltrate to ground, we have an overflow which will convey storm water direct to watercourse (and away from neighbouring properties, where overland flows currently run toward) in more extreme cases, therefore further reducing the risk to properties.”

2 – ASP4 (see link HERE )

3 – Vehicle Movement
Although a Traffic Management Plan was not asked for in the original planning application, the Parish Council have been pressing for one ever since. At the last PC meeting M&M stated that “all HGV movement to and from the site will be via the A424 rather than through the village.” They will also look to make “road damage reparation.”

A Site Manager has now been appointed and I am waiting for the final start dates. Projected start dates are May for groundworks and roads and June/July for buildings. M&M are hoping for a 2 year build programme.

Chris Trotman, PC Chairman

If you would like to get in touch with the PC about this development please use the “Getting in Touch” link on the right of this page.