‘Shout Out Oxfordshire’.

A message from Mark Watson, Radio Oxford

Hello, I’m writing to you tell you about a new feature we’re launching soon for local people who might like to make an appeal to our listeners. Perhaps your Club or Group would like to take advantage of this free service, or you may know of some other local groups who would?

It’s called ‘Shout Out Oxfordshire’ and will give community groups, clubs, charities, etc. the chance to make a 45 second appeal to our listeners, free of charge, which will be repeated every day for at least a week, and go on the BBC Radio Oxford iPlayer for a month. It could be used to ask for more members or volunteers, donations of items, skills or time, more people to use a community service, or something else, but not for money.


If you would like more details of how to take part, please email me (see link below) some basic info about the appeal (including any deadline), or if you know someone else who might like to have a go, please forward the link below on to them.

Shout Out A4 Poster

Thank you.