Annual Parish Meeting

This Wednesday in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm is the Annual Parish Meeting.

(A message from Chris Trotman, Chairman of the Parish Council)

Although it is called a parish meeting it is the civil parish not the ecclesiastical parish. If you are on Milton’s electoral role you are a member of the civil parish and this meeting is for you. The meeting is an open meeting where matters relating to Milton can be discussed. The agenda is minimal and once the minutes of the previous Annual Parish Meeting have been approved we will move on to hearing from several organisations that the Village supports and from you if you want to raise anything.

As a Parish Council we are always keen to know what your concerns and likes are about Milton. If it is within our power we will always try to help. However some concerns might be outside our remit although still in Milton, dare I say ‘potholes’ for one!

Councillors may be present but only as parishioners but if a question relates to their role I’m sure they will answer. As it is not a usual Council Meeting decisions cannot be approved on Wednesday but those that merit further discussion will be taken forward to full council meetings.

So come along and have a cup of tea/coffee and help celebrate what goes on in the Village and let us know what concerns you.

I look forward to meeting you.
Chris Trotman