Parish Council AGM 16/05/2018

Milton-under-Wychwood Parish Council 

Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday 16th May 2018 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall 


1. Apologies for absence 

2. Declaration of Interests 

3. Election of Chairman and election of Vice-Chairman 

4. Proposal to approve the minutes of the April meeting 

5. Matters arising from the April meeting 

6. Election of representatives to local councils’ association and other bodies 

7. Review of arrangements and members of the Financial and Planning sub-committees and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 

8. Review of terms of reference for the sub-committees 

9. Proposal to confirm Councillors’ roles 9.1 Geographical areas of responsibility 

9.2 Tasks/individual roles of Councillors 

10. Review of inventory of PC land and other assets 

11. Proposal to accept the Parish Council standing orders 

12. Timetable of meetings for 2018-2019 

13. Public session for all items related to this Agenda 

14. Neighbourhood Plan update (JP/PY/PW) 

15. Lighting in 9-16 The Sands (CSS) 

16. Emergency Plan (JP) 

17. General Data Processing and Regulation update (CT) 

18. Discussion of Village Hall Defibrillator cabinet electrical issues and proposal to remedy the fault. 

19. Planning applications 

None at date of publishing. 

20. Correspondence 

21. Village Green 

22. Proposal for draft list of Section 137 (Discretionary donations) beneficiaries 2018-19 (JP) 

23. Discretionary donations (section 137): 23.1 Lady Reade Foundation 

23.2 Milton Summer Fete 2018 sponsorship 

24. Accounts 24.1 Proposal to accept the Receipts and Payments 2017-18 statements at year end 

24.2 To approve the May payments, April receipts and bank reconciliation at 30/04/18 and to sign cheques 

24.3 To sign April bank statements 

25. Public session for non-Agenda items 

26. Any Other Business.