QC cannot find major fault in the Inspector’s Report on the Jubilee Lane Development

At last Wednesday’s (18/07/2018) Parish Council meeting the Council, having been asked by the public, decided to employ the services of a QC to see if the Government Inspector’s report on the Jubilee Lane development had any irregularities in it and if it would stand up to a Judicial Review.

Although there were some irregularities, the QC could find no major fault in the Inspector’s report and concluded that it would not stand up to a Judicial Review. The implication of this is that the development will go ahead. The QC’s conclusion was:

“There are some errors/minor infelicities in the DL (Decision Letter) but there is nothing here which, in my view, would persuade the High Court to grant permission to bring a claim under section 288 of the 1990 Act.  The Court would conclude that the errors were not such that they could have had any bearing on the outcome of the appeal.”

If you wish to read the whole report please click HERE

Chris Trotman.
Parish Council Chairman.