Not a week’s Temporary Bridleway Closure!

Having had a meeting with Wild Oxfordshire, who are going to do some renovation work on the bridleway from the High Street to Grange Farm, they told me that they do not intend to close the bridleway for a week but for just a couple of hours one day while they are doing some heavy lifting of equipment!

It will also probably not be the week that OCC gave for the closure as this was just one of many dates given to OCC that they will be working on the bridleway.

Wild Oxfordshire will let me know when they will be working there and when they need to close the bridleway. I will then post a notice on this website. They will also post notices at either end of the bridleway.

Until then, and while it remains firm underfoot, please continue to use the bridleway.

Chris Trotman
Parish Council Chairman