Big plans for the Evenlode!

Fields of plastic tubes, new woodland plantings, woody dams, field corner bunds – what’s going on!

You may have noticed lots of plastic tubes attached to stakes in the ground around Milton and the surrounding area. These are the start of several woodland projects all designed to control and ease the flow of runoff water before it enters the Evenlode or one of its tributaries. You may have also noticed, but not quite so easily because of the dry summer weather, that earth banks (bunds) and containment ponds have been dug amongst these new plantings. These again are there to reduce peek flow surges in our streams and brooks and ultimately in the Evenlode.

On Wednesday Nov 7th in the Village Hall there will be a gathering of all involved in the various schemes within the Evenlode Catchment Partnership in and around Milton and you are invited to come along, ask questions, and find out more.

The meeting will commence at 11.30am with a series of short presentations from all concerned; from land owners who have planted the new woodlands, from the Environment Agency and Wild Oxfordshire who are developing and monitoring a Natural Flood Management programme; from funding groups; from local organisations and the parish who are monitoring water quality and trying out methods of natural flood management.

There will then be a Q & A session followed by a light buffet lunch and then hopefully visits to some of the sites.

We plan to finish around 3.30pm.

All are welcome.

If you would like to come along to the Village Hall for the Big Plans for the Evenlode meeting could you please let Ann know by emailing her HERE  We will be providing a light lunch and this would help with numbers.