News from Shipton Parish Council

Shipton PC have informed us that two local disruptions are likely in the near future. The first relates to the building of the 44 houses next to the school. The second relates to the disruption due to the installation of Gigaclear’s super fast broadband.

Here is their newsletter
It is an unavoidable reality that both these major works will cause considerable disruption over an extended period. The Parish Council has worked closely with the contractors and the District Council to produce a code of working methods designed to minimise these difficulties and remedy them as they arise. But it is worth mentioning that parents and residents need to exercise particular care in the area of the school. Normal parking will often not be possible; temporary restrictions may be in force and so on. Patience will be required: impatience may cost young lives.

 44 Houses near the school
Construction of the 44 houses (27 for sale and 17 affordable) is due to start on 21 January. The full programme is expected to take 86 weeks ending in September 2020. The working methods are set out in Deanfield’s document entitled ‘Construction Methods Statement’. The initial work will consist of drainage works and the construction of a spine road. Once completed the first (show) house will be constructed near the current entrance, followed by the remainder for the build and finishing with the dedicated school parking. Working hours will be 7.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday and 8.00 to 14.30 Saturday. Deliveries will be between 9.30 and 14.30 to avoid school drop off and pick up times.  Special arrangements will be in place to fence off hazardous areas and Deanfield will have a site manager on site to deal with any problems as they arise; contact details of whom will be put on the website and the main noticeboard, when received. Arrangements have been made for dust minimisation, mud and dirt removal and environmentally responsible disposal of waste. 

While this is necessarily a brief summary, the full document is well worth studying if interested. It is also assumed that the school will brief parents appropriately and local employers their employees.

Superfast Broadband
The plan is to start mid February and will take four months to complete the build and commission. The service will then be available to all who want it. Further details can be obtained from Gigaclear’s website or from Tim Yates on