Gas works in the High Street.

To all High Street residents (and others)

Having now been in contact with SGN, the gas contractors, I can relay that although the High Street will be closed – to through traffic – access will still be possible from either end up to where the current work is happening. This will progress up, or down, the High Street in stages. Which end they will start from I do not know but I am informed that eventually all houses on the High Street will be connected to the new upgraded supply. This then make this work, according to SGN, a “scheduled village upgrade” (but only to the High Street.) My argument, one of many, is that if it was scheduled why are we only hearing about it less than two weeks prior to commencement. All sorts of platitudes and reasons have been offered!

I have called for a site meeting with SGN’s project manager and their local rep, prior to commencement, to go through their planned work and preparatory procedures they have carried out. Their rep wasn’t even aware of the Community bus services or the school bus service that use the High Street.

One piece of information that was disclosed was that other utilities also need to access the High Street but hopefully this will be concurrent rather than consecutive!

When I know more I’ll post it here.

Chris Trotman
Milton Parish Council