Digging up the High Street!

Meeting with SGN and I&G

On Monday (18/02/19) I had a meeting with SGN (Southern Gas Network) and I&G, the contractors who will be doing the work. The issue I raised with them was the statement in the Hydrock Report (2014) on utility provision for the, what was then, Sharba site. It stated that SGN had capacity within their infrastructure to supply the new development. Both WODC and the Government Inspector, and more recently Mactaggart and Mickel used this as evidence.

It appears on recent subsequent investigations that this is not the case and there isn’t capacity, hence the need to provide a new gas main to the development. I am still in discussions with SGN over the Hydrock Report and will report back to you on their conclusions.

We also walked the route and went through the stages of work with I&G. The first stage starting on the 25th will be between 92 High Street and Jubilee Lane and will be a total closure for about 2 weeks. Access and egress form Jubilee Lane will be maintained but only down the High Street towards the village. Once this section is reopened they will progress along the High Street in 50m sections at a time. They will inform residents when they are about to start work and when their vehicle access will be restricted but pedestrian access will always be maintained. Unfortunately due to the restrictions on burying gas mains they are required to dig a 1m wide trench and because of the other utilities buried in the road, the crown of the road is the only available space left.

The other ‘pinch points’ are at the junctions of The Terrace, Poplar Farm Close and the disables parking bays. They has said that access will be maintained to these area similar to the arrangement mentioned for Jubilee Lane.

I&G seemed to be very amenable and have said that if any residents of the High Street have concerns to speak to them and they will always try to work around problems.

We made sure that the local bus companies have been informed, which they have, and the other services, bins and recycling are informed. The busses that use the High Street will use the same routes but double back on their route to avoid the High Street. The Burford school bus will come to the village via Shipton but the school are informing passengers of their adjusted route.

Of course the Spitfire development at the end of Jubilee Lane is due to start mid March but the top section of the High Street should have reopened by then as this is the agreed access route for then to their site.

There’s not much more I can tell you at the moment but if anything else comes to light I’ll post it via this website.

Chris Trotman
Milton PC