We’ve planted a Woodland!

With over 60 helpers planting trees it may not look much at the moment but give it a few months and when the trees start to go and the grass grows back again, the new path along Littlestock Brook will start to look pretty special.

Over 350 trees were planted today from small shrubby trees like hawthorn, alder and viburnum to one that will grow much larger like oaks, poplars and limes. We had our local Cubs and Guides helping out and many people from the village who just wanted to come along and take part and plant a tree.

We have a Silver Duke of Edinburg student, Tom, who is going to help us manage the woodland over the coming months – and do the occasional watering!

The woodland is a combined project between Wild Oxfordshire and Milton Parish Council and it has been funded completely by Thames Water through their Community Grant.

Both Ann and I would like to sincerely thank all those who came along from the age of 2 to beyond 72! it was a great day!

As they say – ‘We couldn’t have done it without you.’

Thank you again.

Ann Berkeley – Wild Oxfordshire
Chris Trotman – Milton Parish Council