The Problem with Ash Trees

is that they sometimes die, not because of ash die-back, but for other reasons.

We had a group of three ash trees near the bridge across Littlestock Brook at there far end of the new Woodland Walk.

In the high winds a few weeks ago one of the trio was blown down, it just snapped off at the base. This revealed the culprit, fungal attack, recognisable to arborealists but unpronounceable to most of us! The fungus had eaten into the tree much the same way dry rot eats into house timbers. It destroys the strength and causes cubical cracking.

Unfortunately its immediate neighbour was also suffering the same effects and so the decision was taken to fell this tree before it came down of its own accord.

Click here to see a short 3 min video of its demise. Fortunately the third ash in the trio looks quite healthy.

We are leaving the fallen ash tree for the moment until the leaves have died off so we can see if it is likely to cause any problems.

Chris Trotman
Parish Council