The Craft Cafe

Harvest FestivalThe craft cafe is going from strength to strength and next week , 31 OCTOBER 2019, will feature pumpkins in a big way .

Children ( and adults) will be able to buy and carve one – children under parental supervision!

Adults will be able to lunch on pumpkin soup amongst other delicious things at very reasonable prices.

There will be other Halloween related activities as well.

There will be the produce table, the book stall and the clothes rail to browse as well as craft activity to join or learn.

MUWAGA members are invited to bring any surplus produce to sell/donate  including jams and chutney . You may want to sort your wardrobe and bring any clothes to put on the rail.

If you have any pumpkins or squashes please bring them along too.

You can either sell or donate . If selling please price clearly and add your initials . After taking 10% for cafe overheads the rest of any money taken is yours.

Open from 8.30 for delivery, 10am for cafe and crafts .Harvest Festival