Wychwood Circle

The next meeting is this Sunday November 3rd at the Wychwood Library at 7.00pm.

Psychotherapists and others interested in mental health as well as spirituality may have spotted some interesting speakers at Wychwood Circle this autumn.  On Sunday November 3rd we have author Guy Stagg who has suffered with serious mental illness and who, as a non-believer, decided to undertake the 5,500km ‘pilgrimage’ from Canterbury to Jerusalem:  he hiked on foot, alone, on ancient paths and busy routes, relying on the generosity of strangers.  His book, ‘The Crossway’ (Picador 2018), mixes travel and memoir and  and tells of his walk towards recovery and – a big question for us – ‘asks whether religion can still have meaning for those without faith’.

Join us at Wychwood Library at 7pm. DAVID SOWARD