Do you play a musical instrument?

A message from Rosie about making music.

Here’s Rosies message:

Last year I saw a short article in the newsletter about a wonderful friendly club for adult musicians and thought that other people might like to hear about it. If you are learning an instrument, it can be quite difficult to find occasions where you can perform, so that when you do get the chance you are overcome with nerves! The club is called the Oxfordshire Performers Club, and every 6 weeks or so, there are informal concerts where any adult amateur musician who has a piece of music to offer can perform, without the pressures of a formal concert.

The sessions are really friendly and relaxed: those of us who have chosen to play at a particular session perform to each other, friends and family, followed by an excellent socialising session fuelled with tea and cake. An added bonus for me is that I have been able to meet up with people who are learning other instruments and who want to team up to play duets or ensemble pieces. For more experienced players, it is also a useful forum for trying out pieces before performing them in public.

If there is anyone out there who enjoys playing any instrument at an amateur level and wants to meet other musicians I would encourage you very strongly to give it a try. I attach the website and facebook details below.

Website: Facebook:

(Rosie participates rather than organises but if you would like to know more from her you can contact her on, or you can contact the organisers on