SS Simon and Jude Church Wall

At long last contractors are starting work on making good our church wall at St Simon and St Jude’s church.

It is a listed wall and so we have had to be very careful about what and how the work is to be done. We have been working closely with the Diocese over this and have employed Robert Montgomery, a local man, as our Project Manager. He is also an architectural adviser to the Diocese so is well known in both quarters. The contractors are O.G.Stonemasonry from Witney, another local firm well used to this type of work.

Only parts of the wall, up towards the tap-in-the-wall will need to be completely rebuilt, mainly because of the root of the lime trees have penetrated the foundations and the wall itself. Other parts will be partially dismantled where the stone has perished. Previous renovations have been made to the wall using cement based mortar which has in itself caused problems. All the current renovations will be done with new, colour matched, stone and lime mortar as it was originally done.

The work is expected to last about 11 weeks, dependant on the weather, and there will be some need to fence off part of the pavement. The graves adjacent to the wall, where work is to be done, will be boxed over and the area cordoned off to respectfully preserve the graves and their immediate area.

The Parish Council, which manages the churchyard and boundary walls, hopes that there will be little inconvenience to the public, work will stop for weekday weddings and funeral during the build period. The entrance will not be affected in any way and the church will continue to functions it normally does.

If you are concerned or wish to know more please contact us via the “getting in touch” link a little way down on the right of the home page.

Thank you,

Chris Trotman
Parish Council Chairman