Bogus Callers

Apart from the “Nottingham Knockers” there seems to be a spate of people in high-vis jackets calling on houses in the village and surroundings.

Be very wary of them!

We have checked some stories that they are from the council and all have denied representatives in the area.

Before you invite anyone in please check they have I.D. preferably a lanyard with a photo, BUT don’t take this as true evidence.

If they are for real and you are interested, ask for details of what they are purporting to do. If they can’t leave details, politely send them away. Note their company and personal name and invite them to call back another time as now is not convenient.

In the meantime, if you want to pursue their enquiry, don’t use the phone number on their I.D., use the web or other means to find it and phone the company direct and check the authenticity of the rep who called. If you want to proceed book an appointment through the company.

Keep Safe

Chris Trotman
Milton Parish Council