A word from the Parish Council

Over the weekend most families in the Wychwoods and surrounding villages will have received information from us about Covid 19 and about helping others and needing help yourselves. However we realise that although at the time of going to press the information was current, things are changing very fast and advice is likely to go out of date very quickly.

Milton, Shipton and Ascott Parish Councils and our local churches are concerned that no-one is left isolated without support. For those who are self-isolating, as opposed to social distancing, this can be a very frightening time. Our local clergy and counsellors are on hand to talk to you via one of the phone numbers on the Covid flyer. Ascott, being much smaller in numbers, is following a slightly different route but the help is still there.

At the moment the Surgery and Pharmacy are inundated with requests for prescriptions to be delivered rather than collected. Social Distancing should not stop you from collecting your prescription, but if you are self-isolating then please do stay away and arrange for family, friends or neighbours to collect for you. If you have no-one who can do this then please contact one of our clergy or counsellors listed on the flyer who will liaise with you to get your prescriptions and other needs sorted.

These are difficult time and I have been greatly encouraged by the numbers of you offering help. Thank you.

Please keep safe.

Kind Regards

Chris Trotman
Milton Parish Council Chairman.