A Message from Charlotte Henderson of Earthwatch

Let’s make the invisible, visible through people powered citizen science and find out what is happening to the water quality of our precious River Evenlode. This will help us better protect the river now and into the future. The Evenlode WaterBlitz event will be happening from 1 to 4 July, where we ask people to help collect water quality measurements across the Evenlode and report the results. Join us and sign up today by visiting our Events page: https://www.freshwaterwatch.org/pages/events

The survey is free, easy to do and will help the work of the Earthwatch and the Evenlode Catchment Partnership. Free kits will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Rivers, streams, lakes and ponds provide numerous important benefits including wildlife habitats and recreation. However, these waterbodies face increasing threats from development, as well as from human waste pollution and fertilisers applied to fields, all of which can contribute to increased levels of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates in watercourses.”

“For advice on what’s involved and how measurements are done, call John Pratt on 01993 831659”