Photo ID to Vote

Although there are no elections in our local area this year, from 4th May 2023 a photo ID will be needed to be able to vote.

For the first time residents in West Oxfordshire District will need to show photographic ID to vote person at this year’s and subsequent year’s local elections which will start from May 4th 2023

Residents are being urged to make sure they are ready to vote by checking they have an acceptable form of ID.

Acceptable forms are a passport; a photo driving licence or a senior bus pass. If you have an expired photo ID it can still be used providing the likeness and name are still the same.

Anyone who does not have one of the acceptable forms of ID will be able to apply for a free ID online at or by completing a paper from available from the Council.

More information is available on the West Oxfordshire District Council website, including details of how to apply for the free ID.