20mph signs in Milton

You will have noticed when driving through Milton that new 20mph signs are appearing and that some of them have been greyed out. This is intended as the scheme is not yet complete.

Some time back the Parish Council held a referendum for all Milton residents about a possible introduction of 20mph limits in the village. Views expressed ranged from vehemently for it to vehemently against it but when the vote was counted there were more in favour than against.

The scheme was not supposed to be introduced until 2024 but there must have been a slot in the schedule for it to start now!

The Parish Council has raised concerns about the plethora of 20 repeaters appearing but apparently, according to regulations, this is mandatory, even in cul-de-sacs, as at the moment legally street lights do not act as a reminder for a 20mph restriction only for a 30mph restrictions.

Near Milton Service Station there is a large 20/30 boundary marker speed sign. There is likely to be a similar sign a little way in on the Shipton side when Shipton go ahead with their scheme. This will give visual break and reminder that motorists are leaving/entering a speed restricted area.

Once the scheme has been completed all the signs will be wiped clean and a 20mph limit will cover the whole village. If the Parish council is told when this will be, we can let you know.

Information supplied by OCC Developer Schemes Coordinator & 20 Limits Project Manager. Message sent on behalf of Milton Parish Council.