The Shape of Living

After a very successful event in October with articulate academic authors to entertain and guide us – not to say overwhelm us with their multimedia professionalism! –  we return to the library for a more intimate discussion.

The Penultimate Curiosity

Wychwood Circle begin their new season with a visit from not one but two illustrious Oxfordshire authors at Milton Village Hall on Sunday October 2nd at 7pm. Andrew Briggs, Professor of Nanomaterials at Oxford University, and Roger Wagner the Oxfordshire artist and painter will give an illustrated talk to introduce a discussion on their newly…

The Ethics of Climate Change

On June 5th, the Wychwood Circle turn their attention to this big issue on anyone’s radar: whether climate change matters, and if so what we should do about it – both as citizens who vote and as individuals with our daily lifestyle choices.

The Faces of God

People all around West Oxfordshire will not want to miss out on a visit from ​Dr ​John Bell of the Iona Community (and well known​ to ​Radio 4’s ​Thought for the Day audiences).