Electro-fishing in Littlestock Brook!

As I walked up to the allotments yesterday to view any potential damage from the wind the previous night I spotted a van with an inflatable dinghy on its roof parked on the bridge. Being a naturally curious person I went over to investigate.  It turns out they were carrying out a survey for the Environment Agency of what is swimming about and to do this they were using electro-fishing techniques.

Ohnar - 2On the bank was a generator and lots of ‘technical equipment’ capable of supplying about 100V at about 2A, just enough to stun the fish without harming them. They then netted the fish and quickly measured them before returning them to the recovery tank – large blue dustbin! Two species were recorded, bullheads and minnows, both in greater quantities and larger in size than in the previous survey.

Ohnar - 3   Ohnar - 4

Some crayfish burrows were also noticed but the suggestion was that it was too cold for them to emerge!

Generally an altogether good sign for Littlestock Brook!