OCC Housing Survey

OCC would like your help.

Oxfordshire County Council is currently carrying out a short, census style survey of households occupying homes that were built in Oxfordshire within the last ten years. The survey asks questions about the characteristics of those moving to new homes in the county and the type of homes they have moved to. This information will provide the local authorities of Oxfordshire with up to date evidence about the type of infrastructure and services that will be needed to support further housing growth in the county and will assist them in their negotiations with developers about funding.

Survey forms were sent out to most new households at the beginning of October, with a deadline for the return of completed forms of Friday 17th November.

Anyone who may have received a form if they would kindly take a little time to complete and return it to us it would be appreciated.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Kenneford

Service Manager – Planning Regulation, Oxfordshire County Council