Plant a tree in our Woodland Walk

On Saturday March 16th we are hoping to plant around 200 trees for our Woodland Walk and you can help.

Where’s the Woodland Walk? It’s along the North bank of Littlestock Brook in the field where the allotments are, next to The Orchard. Click HERE for a map of  Woodland Walk.

Who’s organising all this? Wild Oxfordshire and the Parish Council, supported by a grant of £25,000 from Thames Water.

What sort of trees? The trees are still quite small, less than 1m high, but they will grow into full size native woodland trees. They will include Acers; Prunus Avium – wild cherry; Salix Alba – white willow; Tilia Cordata – lime; Quercus – oaks; Crataegus – hawthorn; Malus Sylvestris – crab apple; Sambucus – Elder and Viburnum lantana – the Wayfaring Tree.

We are preparing the area now, we have already regraded the bank of the brook by the Orchard to make it safe and will be doing further work protecting the banks further along towards Grange Farm Bridge. A new gravel path will then be laid from The Orchard to Grange Farm Bridge to make walking along the bank a much easier task! Once this is done we will mark out where the trees are to go.

Then it’s your turn! On the 16th come along, if you have a spade please bring it, and you can plant a tree or two or three or……… The trees will be staked and tree guards put around them. If you plant a tree you can put your name on the tree guard and then you can watch ‘your’ tree grow.

Final details will be published HERE soon so put the date in your diary to help start our Woodland Walk.

Click HERE HERE and HERE for a detailed plan of there planting.

Thank you

Chris Trotman, Parish Council
Ann Berkeley, Wild Oxfordshire