Sale of Charity Land


Regularising the Ownership of the Cemetery Land 

Bruern Road 

Milton under Wychwood

It has long been thought that the cemetery in Bruern Road was the property of the Parish Council. The Parish Council has the authority to bury the deceased on the land the but land still belongs to the Milton Allotment and Recreation Charity, formerly the Fuel Allotments Charity.

Although the Parish Council applied to the Charity Commissioners for use of the land as a burial ground in 1972 and again 2004 and permission from the Charity Commissioners was granted for this to happen, the transfer of the land was never completed. Therefore:

Under S121 (2) of the Charities Act 2011, Disposal of Charity Land, the Charity wishes to dispose of the land, freehold, to the Parish Council to regularise the ownership of the Cemetery.

As this land is already used by the Parish Council as a burial ground it will not be marketed but sold to the Parish Council at a price determined by a suitably appropriate external third party. 

The Charity Commissioners require that notice be given to the residents of Milton under Wychwood of this transfer and that one month, from the 1st August 2021 be given for any comments and/or objections to be made.

Comments should be made to:

The Charity Chairman

11 Brookfield Close

Milton under Wychwood

Chipping Norton

Oxon OX7 6JQ

E mail:

The closing date is the 1st September 2021.

Chris Trotman


Milton Allotment and Recreation Charity.