Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Booking

1. Capacity. The hall accommodates 150 people and 120 can be seated. These numbers should not be exceeded.

2. Supervision. The hirer must be over 18 years of age and will be responsible for the supervision of the premises, the fabric and the content, their care, safety from damage and for the behaviour of all persons using the premises during the period of the hiring , including the car park. The person signing the hiring form for an event at which there will be young persons under 18 is responsible for ensuring all legal checks (e.g. safeguarding) have been done.

3. Emergency Procedures. The hirer must ensure that all means of exit from the hall are kept clear and unlocked at all times and that all fire doors are kept closed.The hirer must have a mobile phone for use during an emergency. The hirer must note the position and use of all fire fighting equipment in the hall.A first aid box is provided in the kitchen. Any accidents or use of the first aid box must be reported to the Bookings Clerk and recorded in the accident book.

4. Damage. The hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the premises are left in a clean, safe and tidy condition at the end of the hiring. Tables and chairs should be stacked away, all waste disposed of in the bins provided and kitchen equipment wiped down with all crockery washed and put away. The floor should be swept. Cleaning items are in the lobby.

A refundable damage deposit is paid at the time of paying the hire balance. Any damage should be reported to the Bookings clerk as soon as possible. Damage will be charged from the deposit/invoiced.

Particular care should be taken to avoid damage to  walls/paintwork from using Blu Tak, Sellotape etc .

5. Cancellation. The hirer will notify the bookings clerk of any cancellation. The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to retain the deposit if cancellation is less than 2 weeks before the booking date.  

6. Items. The Village Hall Committee accepts no responsibility for items left on the premises before or after an event.

7. Leaving the premises. The hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that all persons vacate the premises quietly, that doors and windows are secured and lights/electrical appliances switched off. The key should be returned to the bookings clerk the next day.

8. Licence. The conditions appertaining to licences will be made known to the hirer at the time of booking. These conditions must be complied with by all persons using the hall. 

Under no circumstances should alcohol be served or consumed by those under 18. No drugs should be used in or around the Hall.

9. Good Neighbour Policy. Users of the hall are asked to respect the fact that the hall is in a residential area and noise/music volumes should be kept to a respectable level and must cease by midnight.

10. Insurance. The hall has public liability cover as a property owner. Hirers are advised to obtain their own insurance for the activities they undertake in the hall. The hirer shall indemnify the Village Hall Committee for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property or contents which may occur during the period of hiring as a result of the hiring.

April 2018