Finance Committee Minutes

The Parish Council Finance Committee (AKA Fin Com) consists of three councillors, elected by the full council, and the RFO.
At present there are Cllr John Pratt, chairman, Cllrs Glynn Allcock and Chris Trotman and RFO Lara Jacques. The Fin Com advise the full council on all financial matters.

Reverse date order is used.

Draft Mins FinCom 17 October 22 311022

22/04/13 Approved Finance Committee Minutes 13th April 2022

22/02/22 Approved  Committee Minutes

21/12/13 Apporved Finance Committee Minutes and Budget-2022-23

21/11/03 Approved Finance Committee Minutes and appendix

21/10/13 Approved FinanceCommittee Minutes

21/07/13 Approved Finance Commitee Minutes