Recreational Fund Bidding

You may have heard that Milton PC will be receiving £118,000 from the District Council to spend as a result of the St Jude’s Meadow development.

If you are a member of a group that would like to bid for some of this money, or are a resident in the village that has an idea of how some of the funds could be spent, the following information will help you.

You need to know…

  • The money will be available in 2 tranches; some arriving this year, and some next summer.  So don’t worry if your project is not quite ready; submit an application for consideration.
  • The money must be used for a capital spend (ie. not to be used for ongoing revenue costs or consumables).
  • Facilities must be open to all residents, with no membership restrictions in relation to the Equality Act 2010, and have wide public and community benefit.
  • Facilities must be open to community groups that operate on a not for profit basis.
  • To be eligible for funding, the organisation applying must:
    • have a constitution or set of rules, which includes a dissolution clause specifying that any assets will be distributed (subject to Parish Council approval) to voluntary organisations with similar objectives;
    • be able to demonstrate that they have consulted facility users/the local community;
    • provide any other evidence of need for the project
  • Projects supported must be viable, well managed and capable of delivering the social and community benefits required to meet Parish and/or District Council objectives.
  • Where a club/group/association has members from both Milton and Shipton, then a joint bid might be considered. You should indicate that a joint bid has been made on the application form.
  • Successful bids may not get access to funds until tranche 2 – for which we do not have a date at present.

How to apply…

A full application form can be obtained from

Glynn will be on standby to help you fill out the form if necessary.

Completed forms should be returned to him by 30 June (if you need more time, let him know).