Meet the Council

The Parish Councillors in 2022 are listed below. Please contact the Councillor responsible for the area of the village about which you have a concern or query. The Councillor’s responsibilities are listed for your information should you need to raise anything regarding the area concerned.

Chris Trotman   Tel. 01993 832614
Covers: Shipton Road, Peartree Close, The Paddocks.
Responsibilities: PC Chairman, Finance Committee, Churchyard/Cemetery, Village website Administrator, MARC Charity Chair,
Joined PC: 2015
Hobbies etc: Gardening, Allotment, Model engineering, DIY, Photography.
Patrick Ward   Tel. 01993 830028
Covers: Wychwood Drive, Wychwood Close, Upper Milton, High Lodge Farm, Quarry Hill, Crows Castle.
Responsibilities: Planning, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Road transport
Joined PC: 2016
Hobbies etc: Ice Hockey Ref, Motor racing team.
Peter Rawlins   Tel. 01993 830591
Covers: Fettiplace, Ansell Way, Reade Close, Sunnyview,
The Square.
Responsibilities: Village Green, Play equipment,
Welfare Trust, Lady Reade Charity.
Joined PC: 1991
Hobbies etc: Walking, Gardening, Shooting
John Pratt   Tel. 01993 831659
Covers: Lyneham Rd, Bruern Rd, Church Rd, Church Meadow, Brookfield Close.
Responsibilities: Chairman Finance Committee, Deputy Emergency Plan Co-ordinator, Wild Garden rep.
Joined PC: 2016
Hobbies etc: Fishing, Community Choir.
Jeff Haine   Tel. 01993 830078
Covers: High St, Poplar Farm Close, The Terrace.
Responsibilities:  Village green, Sports club, Grass cutting.
Joined PC:  2000
Hobbies etc: Politics, Horse racing, Walking.
Glynn Allcock   Tel. 07403 206376.
Covers: The Sands, Woodlands Close, The Heath, Green Lane.
Responsibilities:  Deputy chairman, Section 106 funding, Finance committee, Emergency Plan Co-ordinator
Joined PC:  2019
Hobbies etc: Woodturning, Golf.
Rod Blackman   Tel: 01993 830381
Covers: Frog Lane, Forrest Close, Elm Grove.
Responsibilities: Village Tree Stock
Joined PC: 2021
Hobbies etc.:  Choir, DIY, Voluntary work, Gardening, Country walking
Graham Smith   Tel: 07831 562140
Covers: Jubilee Lane, St Judes Meadow, Wildbourne
Joined PC: 2022
Hobbies etc: Golf, Gardening, Hiking, DIY and Reading. 
 Lara Jacques – Clerk   Tel: 07789 740279
Responsibilities: Finance Officer; Administrator;
Clerk to the Council
Joined PC: Nov 2020
Hobbies etc: Photography, Running, Gardening, Allotments.