Wild Garden August Newsletter

Dear Member,

August 2017

This August is taking on a distinctly autumnal feel about it with the weather changes on a daily basis and colder nights. I do hope you had a chance to enjoy the Garden during the summer; we certainly seemed to have had a good flow of visitors especially at the weekends. We carried out a census over the Easter weekend and recorded an average of 100 visitors a day over the four day period. Many of these were from outside the Wychwoods, encouraged to visit us from our website and the information leaflets we have in Burford and Witney information offices.

wild gardens photoVolunteer work continues on a regular basis to maintain the garden and make improvements where these are necessary. Earlier in the year a team from Elsevier in Kidlington did a ‘volunteer’ day in the garden laying wood chippings along one of our paths and making a significant contribution to our work.

Our regular Tuesday morning team have been busy this summer rebuilding the Upper Pond dam wall and sluiceway. This area has previously flooded on a regular basis and needed significant repair work. The dam wall has been rebuilt to its original height, the sluiceway cleaned up and repaired so it now flows smoothly and a ‘buggie’ bridge installed over the sluiceway allowing easy access around the Cedar of Lebanon. Our long term dream is to partially dredge the Upper Pond and restore the water depth but this remains a dream until we can solve the two challenges of finance – it would need around £75,000, three times the cost of the Round Pond – and somewhere to dispose of the dredgings – around 600 cubic meters of organic silt! In the meantime we are continuing to clean up around the edges of the pond, removing some of the iris growth where this is excessive and selectively removing some of the overhanging branches.

After the work last year on the Round Pond we have been very pleased with the water quality which has been tested regularly, giving hope that our long term ambition of restocking with native fish is moving closer. In fact a few fish have already been spotted in both the Upper Pond and the lower canal which is very encouraging.

We are very encouraged by the number of local organisations who have organised visits to the Wild Garden, helping to spread the word about the value of such a local facility for all ages and abilities. So far this year we have had visits from the Oxfordshire Tree Society, the Shipton WI and the Wychwood Primary School among others

With the winter season approaching why not check your logs supply. We have a few loads of air dried logs available on a first come first serve basis. We can deliver within the Wychwoods villages or you can organise your own pick up. We suggest a donation of £45 a trailer load. Call us on 0845 8056804 or email info@wychwoodwildgarden.org.uk

Finally, we have a major working party in partnership with the Shipton Volunteers on Saturday 21st October to start the clearing up for winter. In particular we want to clear debris from the avenue and the sides of the canals as well as a number of other tasks. All ages and abilities are welcome so if you would like to make a difference to the Wild Garden come along for some light work, good social company and coffee/tea and biscuits!

Best regards
Mike Watson

Newsletter August 2017

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