Milton’s Allotment Charities

Milton has two sets of allotments, both off the Bruern Road next to the Cemetery.

Historically, the plots to the left belong to the Welfare Trust and the income is used to support parishioners in need of help or encouragement.

Enquiries about vacancies of Welfare Allotments should be directed to Secretary Julie Hemming HERE

The plots to the right belong to the charity recently renamed Milton Allotments and Recreation Charity (MARC), previously known as the Fuel Allotments. The Parish Council is the sole trustee for this charity and regular meetings of trustees are held and will be publicised here.

Enquiries about MARC Allotments should be made to Trustee Chairman Chris Trotman HERE  Alternatively, send an email enquiry using the contact form to the right.

MARC aims to provide Allotment plots for use by parishioners for a small fee of £12 per plot per annum, collected at the beginning of the growing season in the Autumn. Any residual income remaining once the maintenance costs have been covered is used to benefit the recreational provision in the village and suggestions for projects or ideas for ways to spend this money is welcomed by the trustees.

As far as possible both sets of allotments offer the same facilities and operate under the same guidelines and tenancy agreements.